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KWAM Collective is a group of independent artists from the fields of dance theatre, live performance, film and therapeutic bodily practices. Whilst pursuing individual creative work, the collective shares a deep research interest in the human body, its place in society, and its potential for creative expression. We use a unique trans-disciplinary approach to conduct artistic projects and deploy our findings and strategies in the community. Our creative and community-focused projects have been supported by UK art organizations including The Place, East London Dance, ECHO, Redbridge Drama Centre, the Abderrahim Crickmay Charitable Settlement, and Arts Council England. 

the team.

Co Founder

Ana Beatriz Meireles

Co Director

Esme Benjamin

Co Founder and Co Director

Klaudia Wittmann


Associate Artist

Arturo Bandinelli







Metamorphosis in Action is a community workshop series over a 6 week period, which aims at offering a space for participants to explore and discover the ways in which their bodies are felt. Our approach brings together movement direction, somatic practice and movement psychotherapy to facilitate an experience where bodily knowledge is situated in the individual, and brought into dialogue through the community. We use free and guided movement, creative writing, art making and verbal reflection as part of the exploratory process. Each week participants will unpick a theme related to the overarching idea of ‘metamorphosis in action’, a title chosen to highlight the transformational potential of moving bodies. 


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