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Arturo Bandinelli

Associate Artist

Arturo is an award-winning experimental filmmaker, researcher and trainee psychoanalyst at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research in London. In his creative and academic research, he investigates the relationship between subjectivity and otherness, gaze and identity, sexual politics and bodies. He holds an BA in Film and TV from London College of Communication (UAL) and an MA in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck University. 

His graduation sci-fi short film Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher (2014/15) acquired international recognition, including screenings at  the ECU European Independent Film Festival (France), London Sci-Fi Film Festival (UK), Lago Film Festival (Italy), Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France), Vigik Film Festival (Russia), Festival Utopiales (France)  and Young Cuts Fest (Canada). The film imagines a parallel reality where humans are invisible unless they are being seen, meditating on the constitutive role of the Other’s gaze in the formation of human subjectivity.

In the last few years, Arturo started experimenting with non-fictional film formats in collaboration with choreographers, dancers, visual and performance artists, including Peter Brandt (I did not invite you into my body, 2018), Murat Adash (One in the Other, 2018; Correspondence (Contact), 2019), Maria Meinild (A Hum, 2019), Kat Cooley and Maire Dee (Walls of Limerick, 2018/19), Lara Ritosa Roberts (Phantom Footsteps, 2020) and Celina Liesegang (Viscera: Autopsy of a (non)Human Body, 2021) 

Arturo's recent experimental dance film Walls of Limerick (2018/19) investigates the psychosocial effects of political borders through a unique combination of contemporary, Irish and vertical dance. As of March 2021, the film has received international acclaim with nearly forty screenings (including: FIVAC, International Festival of Video Art, Cuba; ECU, European Independent Film Festival, Paris; and CineAutopsia, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, Colombia)  and six awards (Certamen de Soria, Spain; InShadow Festival, Portugal; Dance Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic; MarDelDance, USA; TDP International Dance Festival, Ireland; and The Richard Harris International Film Festival, Ireland).

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