April 2021 Collaboration with Experiment 6

South London Scratch Night Online – Streamed from Upper Norwood Library Hub

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Dec 2020 – Jan 2021 Collaboration PK Fiskulturnik Phantom Footsteps, Video and sound installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Istria

Summer 2020 Online community classes for beComotion, a diverse and inclusive movement initiative in London

March 2020 Collaboration with Experiment 6, South London Screendance – Albany Theatre, London

Jan 2020 Research and Development What is a Body? – London

Nov 2018 Collaboration with Celina Liesegang & Arturo Bandinelli, Experimental Dance Shortfilm, Azores

Sept 2018 Workshop at PERA – Girne American University, Cyprus

April 2018 Workshop at PERA – Girne American University, Cyprus

Nov 2016 Premier Fugue State – Omnibus Theatre, London

May 2016 Collaboration Baltic Art Fest – London

May 2015 Circe Baltic Art Fest – London

Nov 2014 Premier Circe – The Space, London

Feb 2014 Cameleon RAW Artists – London

Jan 2014 Premier Cameleon – Robin Howard Theatre, London