What is a Body? – a trans-disciplinary artistic project working with therapeutic bodily practices and digital art to challenge our understanding of the body, trauma and society.

Fugue State – inspired by Kafka’s parable Before the Law, this piece explores ideas of oneness and society, responsibility and the law.

Omnibus Theatre, London

Sound and Music’s Portfolio

Performers: Marta Masiero, Ana Beatriz Meireles, Stephen Upshaw, Calie Hough

Music: Alex Roth

Choreography: KWAM Collective

Concept: Alex Roth & Klaudia Wittmann

Baltic Art Festival (Collaboration with Maryleen Schirmkamp)

Transcendence (film) 

Music: Taharqa Satti

Video: GevArt Films & Snatch Digital Productions

Performers: Taharqa Satti & Ana Meireles

Choreography: KWAM Collective

Concept: Arturo Bandinelli, Miroslav Otava, Klaudia Wittmann

Circe – we use text as a starting point to explore the relationship between the human body and cultural codes.

The Space, London

Emerge, Baltic Art Festival

Performers: Femi Oyewole, Ana Beatriz Meireles, Klaudia Franziska Wittmann

Music: Femi Oyewole

Photography: Mike Zajac

Choreography & Concept: KWAM Collective

Cameleon – an exploration of femininity within a frame that culture imposes on us.

Robin Howard Theatre, London

Resolution, RAW

Performers: Nonica Papageorgiou, Alice Gaspari, Sophie Cook, Esme Benjamin, Ana Beatriz Meireles, Klaudia Franziska Wittmann

Music: Breadknives Productions

Costume: Mahana Delacour

Photography: Mike Zajac