KWAM Collective is a group of independent artists from the fields of dance theatre, live performance, digital art and therapeutic bodily practices. Whilst we pursue our individual creative work, we share a deep research interest in the human body, its place in society, and its potential for creative expression. We use a unique transdisciplinary approach to conduct artistic projects and deploy our findings and strategies in the community.

Our current research asks the seemingly simple question of What is a Body? This multi-faceted project comprises an immersive live performance which offers the audience a subjective exploration of the imagined and the sensory body, with the aim of opening up a space that questions social norms around the body. In our community outreach programme, we seek to utilise our creative methodologies with people with an experience of having or being a marginalised body. We contribute to the discussion of what we understand a body to be, how we are allowed to experience our bodies and live as bodily beings.